Friday, September 19, 2008

Home sweet home!

Maggie in her homecoming dress

We got home Wednesday afternoon and things have been great!! Shortly after we got home, though, Maggie had this crying fit and we didn't know what was wrong. Ryan and I both thought, "great, she was perfect in the hospital and now that we're home, she's going to be a nightmare child!" We realized, though, that we never got a good burp out of her after her last feeding at the hospital. We got a couple good belches out of her and all was well....and has been since. We are having such an easy, wonderful time breastfeeding; I couldn't be happier. The past two nights at home have been fairly easy, too. Last night she had a hard time falling asleep, but as soon as she did (around 3:00) she slept until 7! Same with the night previous. She woke up to eat around 2:30-ish, and then slept until 7.

I'm still a little sore, obviously, but ibuprofen has been taking the edge off pretty good. I really pulled some muscles in my back while pushing and that's my biggest complaint.

Emma's been doing really well, too. She doesn't pay too much attention to Maggie, but I'd rather have no reaction than a negative one! She's really fascinated by her nursing, she just stares and tries to understand what in the world that baby is doing to her mommy! She finally said "Maggie" this morning (and not while watching "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast"), and she's touched Maggie's forehead a couple times. Oh, and she brushed her hair last night!! I worry about handling the two of them on my own, but I think once I feel "back to normal" or at least can walk without pain, I'll be all right. I think that's the worst part with Emma; the fact that I can't play with her not because I have to tend to Maggie, but because I can't move too well yet. We'll get over that hurdle, though, soon.

I do feel a lot better now than I did at this same time after having Emma. I think I'm just thrilled to not be pregnant anymore, so these pains and nuisances that I endure right now are nothing ;) Ryan is really really great at taking care of us, too, and I'm going to be really sad on Monday when he has to go back to work. I have our moms, though, to help us out so I'm set!

Well, time to grab a quick shower before Mags's lunchtime!!!


Cheyenne and John said...

So sweet!! Congrats again... And keep up the great work on being a mommy of 2!!

Mike and Judi Winslow said...

Debi (and Ryan, of course), Maggie is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! You see, I'm somewhat of an expert on judging this, 'cause I've seen LOTS of newborns over the years - plus I've had recent experience with 2 handsome boys!!! :) Your blog brought back a memory that I think you'll relate too. When Cheyenne was born, Travis was 21 months old. He too was curious about nursing. One day when Chey was nursing, Travis came into the room with 'Happy' (a cloth doll given to one of them by a friend)- he had his shirt up and was holding Happy up against his chest! He was nursing his baby too! :)