Monday, August 25, 2008

another week down....two more to go???

I've made only a little progress since last week. I'm now 1 cm. "and a wiggle" (as my fun midwife, Sue, puts it) and I'm 60% effaced. 10% thinner than last week!

Sue did say she thinks (what does she know?!?!?!) that I'll go to my due date. My hopes of perhaps going early shot down by a plain old mean comment! Hahaha. I'm teasing of course. I love my midwife -- both of them. I just think it's wrong to tell a 38-week pregnant woman that she has to wait longer...even though she knows damn well that waiting is all she has to do now. It's all a mental game, and I suck at it. Plus, these Braxton-Hicks contractions are driving me CRAZY...I just wish I knew they were doing something then I'd probably -- again, mentally -- handle them better.

These days it's just getting harder for me to keep up with Emma. Even the simplest activity as playing Play-Doh takes its toll. Getting up and down off the floor is not easy...or pretty for those near me! So delivering Maggie sooner than later, although having two kids in the house will be a chore too, will at least get my body feeling 'back to normal' sooner than later.

I'll update next Tuesday after my next appointment...unless I'm given reason to post before then!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Any day now??

I wish!! I know technically I'm not due for another three weeks, but I'm hopeful of the fact that I may go early since this is baby no. 2. I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore (and of course meet our Maggie Lee). Emma was a very active baby, but Maggie beats me up so bad daily!! It's crazy. I just mentioned to a friend of mine that I hope her actions now aren't indicative of her behavior on 'the outside'!!! I can only hope and pray that Maggie is like her sister in the fact that Emma was an "easy" baby (for the most part) and we were/are really lucky!

So as a quick update of our progress, at my appointment on Monday (I'll be going every week now until I give birth), I was dilated 1 cm. and 50% effaced. Exactly the same as I was with Emma at this point! Let's just hope Maggie, with the help of these terrible Braxton-Hicks contractions, help me progress quicker.

I'll definitely keep everyone better updated as the big day draws near.

**On a side note: BIG Congratulations to my friend Chey and her husband John for the birth of their son, Riley Asher Wilson on August 18th. Also, a second BIG Congratulations to Chey's brother, Trav (who I graduated with) and his wife, Pam for the birth of their son (I don't know his name yet) on August 19th! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Check Chey and John's blog here, and Trav and Pam's blog here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Blogger!!!

What's the point of even having a blog if you're not 'blogging'???? I'm going on almost 2 months now...I've got a lot of catching up to do this time!

So my last post mentioned my June appointment with my midwife. At that appointment I had my glucose test, which consists of drinking this highly concentrated sugar drink, waiting an hour, then getting blood drawn to test my body's ability to process the sugar. All is well, I passed the test; however, that day I wasn't the only one hopped up on the sugar drink. It affected Maggie just the same in that her heartbeat was skipping a beat. My midwife scheduled an ultrasound right then and there to check the heart as well as to check her size (since I was still measuring three weeks bigger than what I should have been at). Her heart was structurally perfect, but still skipping a beat...and she only measured a week bigger than the size she should have been.

Since the heartbeat was still skipping, I was scheduled to see a high risk doc just to get a better ultrasound. My midwife said she wasn't "worried" but wanted the second opinion...a "better safe than sorry" type situation. Ended up Maggie was fine. The high risk doctor attributed her skipping heartbeat to the sugar drink...makes total sense!!

Our big girl turned 2 on the 16th of July. Every mom says this, but I can't believe she's 2 already!

On the day of her birthday Ryan took some vacation time and we got pictures taken and then took the birthday girl and her cousins, Bri and Livi, to Chuck E. Cheese's. It was a fun day. We also went to Mandarin House, our favorite Chinese restaurant ever, for dinner.

At her 2-year doctor's appointment she was 24 lbs. 6 ozs., which is in the 40th percentile...and 35 1/2 inches tall, which is the 90th percentile! (Again, she takes after her daddy!)

Emma got her 'big-girl' bed from Mommy and Daddy for her birthday and has done great with the transition. Even to this day we haven't had one problem with her staying in bed. LUCKY!!

Emma's first night in her big-girl bed!

The following Saturday was Em's party, and although it was so very hot, it was a great time and Emma got a lot of nice things from her family.

As for me, I'm still just trying to keep up with everyday life. It is not really that easy being pregnant in the middle of summer with a toddler. As I've mentioned before, I don't have pleasant pregnancies to begin with. I've been in a lot of pain the entire time and I've also been experiencing A LOT of Braxton-Hicks contractions (my body's "practice" contractions for those who don't know what they are). They are not really painful, but definitely uncomfortable. I only had a few here and there while pregnant with Emma, but this time I get them every evening. One night Maggie was fighting back. Every time I would contract, Maggie would push really hard as if to say "stop crowding me!" Now THAT was painful!! And it was a night where I was getting the contractions every 10 minutes...for a good two or three hours! Ugh.

My 35 week pregnant belly:

Today, August 10 (one month to go) was my baby shower. It was a really nice time and Maggie got a lot of nice things. Now we just count down to our due date.

And who knows, at that rate I'm going with this blog, my next post may be Maggie's birth story and pictures of our family of four!!! I'll try not to be that bad, but I can't make any promises!!

Thanks for reading!