Saturday, October 4, 2008

Luckiest parents on the far!

We're coming up on four weeks since Maggie's birth, and things are going beautifully. Maybe it's that we're more confident this time around since we've done this all before, we know what to expect (for the most part) or maybe it's that we're just plain lucky. Whatever it is, I hope it continues!

Maggie is still an AWESOME nurser, and has even had a few bottles and made easy transitions between bottle and breast. She is a hungry girl, that's for sure!! She, like her sister, doesn't like to mess around when she's hungry. It's "FEED ME NOW" or pay the consequences ;)

She had her two-week checkup with her pediatrician last Tuesday. She weighs 10 lbs. 10 ozs. now and her doctor says she looks wonderful. See for yourselves:

Emma is still adjusting to the new addition. I think she finally realizes that this baby isn't going anywhere. She hasn't acted out at all, but she sometimes gets a little "clingy" with me. She helps with diaper changes in that she puts diaper cream on baby's belly (it's so cute), and she'll give baby her "bink" when she's crying. She'll give kisses to Maggie and tell her she loves her, but only at our request. She's doing good, though. It could be a lot worse, I'm sure!!

Days alone with the two girls have gone a lot better than I could have ever anticipated. I was so worried about sharing my time between a newborn who is very demanding and a toddler who, although is independent at times, is also very demanding. I have to admit, the Disney channel and Noggin have played a good part in time management, and I really feel guilty about that, but at least the TV Em is watching is educational and I do get some good one-on-one time while Maggie is sleeping.

I have yet to journey out with the two of them by myself. Emma can be a little bit of a handful to say the least. She hates sitting in shopping carts, and sometimes holding hands isn't her cup of tea either. That behavior is usually only with Ryan, but I'm still not ready to take that chance.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Cheyenne and John said...

I must have missed this update! How fun!!! Maggie is BEAUTIFUL!! And I love the pix of Emma with Maggie- so precious!!!

Caelan'sMom said...

Debi, we need to plan a playdate for the girls. I didn't realize you are in Cuyahoga Falls! I'm right down the highway!