Monday, June 16, 2008

ugh...I know!!!

It's been forever and a couple days since the last post. I just never give myself enough time to sit down and write anything good. I have plenty to write about, I just don't.

So here's a quickie:

I've been spending a lot of my 'internet time' on a Northeast Ohio Mom's forum making new online friends and learning a lot of tricks of the trade -- for future reference as Emma gets older and a lot less easy to manage! Don't get me wrong, she's still a very good girl, but in one month from today, she will be turning 2. Along with the age of 2 comes the "terribles" and I don't have a clue what to expect. I guess the old saying "expect the unexpected" is all I have to do. I think that might have been my class motto??

Anyways, in two years I've also forgotten a lot of stuff that goes along with having an infant around. So reading the stories of other new moms out there gives me a quick refresher, "oh yeah, I remember that."

I've also been doing a lot of research -- and again, refreshing -- about breastfeeding. I'm giving nursing a good ol' college try again this time around in hopes that with a better knowledge than last time that it will go a lot better. It didn't necessarily go bad with Emma, I just gave up a lot sooner for reasons I now know I could have fixed.

In other news, Emma continues to amaze us. She's become a little 'repeater' and comes up with all kinds of new words every day. I've already bragged about her ABCs and 123s, she's added 11 and 12 to her numbers and she's also pretty darn good with her colors now, too. She has a little laptop of her very own that's recommended for ages 3+ and she's really good at a lot of the games! She of course needs help with the games that utilize the mouse, and she doesn't know her lower case letters, yet...but she's a smarty pants!

With school out now, I've been getting a lot of help during the day from my two nieces who stay across the street with my mother-in-law during the day. Emma really loves her cousins and they have fun playing outside. They help out a lot with Emma because I just can't chase her around as much as she needs being chased!! I had a painful pregnancy with Emma and it's pretty much the same this time around, so the extra help is WONDERFUL and saves my hips, back and all around pelvic area from total excruciating pain at night. Most nights it's just mildly excruciating! ;)

I have my next appointment with my midwife on Thursday of this week. At my last appointment, my belly had measured 4 weeks ahead of what it should have. I'm anxious to find out what we're measuring at this time around and whether or not she'll schedule an ultrasound to keep a closer eye on Maggie's growth. Emma was on the bigger side at 8 lbs. 5 ozs. not huge by any means, but bigger than what we expected! If Maggie's growing bigger early on, I'd rather know and perhaps get induced early than try to push out a 10 pound baby!!! I'll keep you updated! Sooner than later ;)